Slip-And-Fall/Trip-And-Fall Accidents

It may not be seem like it, but a Bronx sidewalk or parking lot can actually be a very dangerous place. Pavement that is damaged, in disrepair or covered with ice and snow can be a hazard to an unsuspecting pedestrian.

Accidents such as tripping on an uneven sidewalk or slipping on a wet supermarket floor can create sudden, catastrophic injuries – injuries such as broken bones, head trauma and worse. People who have suffered these kinds of injuries can consult with a trip and fall accident attorney, such as the ones at the offices of Anthony L. Verrelli & Associates, Attorneys at Law, for assistance.

Giving A Voice To Those Who Need To Be Heard

Property owners are required to keep their walkways clear and in good condition. This applies to sidewalks in front of homes, parking lots of businesses and aisles of stores. When negligence leads to unsafe conditions that result in injuries, a premises liability lawyer can work to recover compensation for those injuries.

While the elderly may be more susceptible to fall-related injuries, it’s not just senior citizens who could hurt themselves by tripping and falling. People of all ages can be injured due to negligence or improper maintenance.

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