Real Help For Those Injured In Motor Vehicle Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the most common ways people are seriously injured. Most of us drive, use motor vehicles such as busses or taxis for transportation or have to interact with cars as pedestrians every day. Cars, trucks and buses are simply an almost unavoidable part of life in the U.S.

Effective Guidance

When injuries happen, it is usually overwhelming. Most of us have not been through such difficult experiences before. You may not know what to do. Be aware that the decisions you make after an accident can shape your ability to recover and your life for years to come. Having the right attorney by your side can help ensure that your best interests are well-protected after a:

  • Car accident — We can help with accidents involving cars, taxis, Uber drivers and others.
  • Trucking accidents— Accidents with commercial vehicles from semis to delivery trucks cause some of the most severe injuries. Let us help you.
  • Motorcycle/bicycle accidentsMotorcycle and bicycle riders rarely get proper respect on the road. We can fight for you.
  • Drunk driving accidentDrunk drivers need to be held accountable for the harm they cause.
  • Pedestrian accident — With so much pedestrian traffic in our city, pedestrians deserve a strong advocate.

We also assist those who have lost loved ones after a fatal accident.

Making A Difference For Our Clients

At Anthony L. Verrelli & Associates, Attorneys at Law, our firm understands the pressing needs people face after a motor vehicle accident. From requiring medical care to financial pressures from bills and lost wages, we can work to ensure that you understand what is going on, are making informed decisions and that you have someone to stand up for you when the insurance companies fail to treat you right.

Attorney Anthony Verrelli has more than 27 years experience serving the Bronx. He was born here, raised here and built his legal practice here so that he could help the people here.

Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney Serving The Bronx And Throughout New York

When a motor vehicle accident has left you or a loved one injured, Anthony L. Verrelli & Associates, Attorneys at Law, is there to help. To schedule a free initial consultation, call 929-523-0869 or contact us online.