Motorcycle/Bicycle Accidents

Injuries sustained in an accident involving motor vehicles have the potential to be devastating – not just in the immediate aftermath of a crash, but chronic, lingering injuries can have an effect on people’s lives for years.

People who are hit by a car while on a bicycle or motorcycle, however, may suffer even more devastating injuries. Cars and trucks are designed to absorb at least some of the damage created in an accident to protect their occupants, but those on motorcycles or bicycles do not enjoy any of that protection. At the Bronx firm of Anthony L. Verrelli & Associates, Attorneys at Law, we understand how you can be affected by this kind of accident and what you need to recover from it.

Standing Up For You And Your Family

While wearing a helmet and other protective gear is always recommended to riders, those precautions will not necessarily be enough to prevent injuries in a bike accident – especially serious head trauma, such as concussions or traumatic brain injuries, or broken bones and other catastrophic injuries.

Working with an experienced bicycle and motorcycle accident attorney is a must for people who have been hurt while riding a bike or motorcycle, so they can have an aggressive advocate working to obtain compensation for their injuries.

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