Elevator Accidents

New York City is full of elevators. While most of them are in good condition, from time to time, things can go wrong – drastically wrong. Mechanical failure, inadequate upkeep or other factors can lead to serious personal injury cases.

At the Bronx law firm of Anthony L. Verrelli & Associates, Attorneys at Law, our lawyers have 20 years of experience with premises liability cases, and we have represented many clients who have been injured in elevator accidents.

When You Or A Loved One Has Been Hurt, Call Us

People often take elevators for granted because they generally work as they are supposed to. We may only notice them when they malfunction and people get hurt. It’s easy to forget that these are fast-moving machines that weigh thousands of pounds, are supported by cables that may be weakened by wear and tear, and are accessed by mechanical doors that are capable of pinning an unsuspecting person between them.

Older elevators with manually operated doors are particularly dangerous, especially for children, who can get caught in them. If the door is not secured when the elevator is activated, limbs or bodies could be crushed. These accidents can lead to serious injuries and even death. Working with an experienced elevator accident attorney can be crucial for getting the compensation that these injuries warrant.

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