Mitigating the dangers of elevator transportation

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Elevators are a critical part of our daily lives, safely carrying more than 325 million people daily in New York and the United States alone. While they may be safe and secure overall, it’s no secret that incidents involving elevators have caused injury and death to many people each year.

Statistics on elevator safety

Elevator safety is a top priority for many people, as elevators are one of the most used forms of transportation. Though they are safe overall, with only a small number of incidents each year, there is always room for improvement regarding elevator safety. Here are some statistics on elevator safety provided by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and the Consumer Product Safety Commission:

  • There are over a million daily elevator riders in the U.S.
  • Incidents involving elevators kill more than people and seriously injure others each year.
  • Most elevator accidents are due to user error, such as attempting to stop the elevator between floors or taking too long to exit the elevator after it has stopped.

Improper maintenance of elevators is also a leading cause of premises liability accidents, accounting for around of all incidents.

Room for improvement in elevator safety

There are a few areas where elevator safety can be improved:

  • Maintenance is a crucial part of keeping elevators safe. Therefore, elevator owners and operators should ensure that their elevators are regularly inspected and maintained by qualified personnel.
  • Training for elevator operators is also essential because faster responses to incidents can save lives.
  • Educate the public on using elevators safely, such as not overcrowding the elevator or blocking the doors.

Safe but has room for improvement

It is clear that while elevators are incredibly safe, there is still work to be done to reduce elevator-related incidents and deaths. Therefore, operators of elevators should take all measures necessary to ensure that their equipment remains up-to-date and properly maintained so that passengers can enjoy a worry-free ride every time they board an elevator.

Additionally, it is vital for users of elevators to use them safely and follow the instructions given by operators or posted signs. Being mindful of elevator safety can prevent injuries and deaths.