Three common causes of premises liability and negligent security

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You only need to spend a few minutes in the busier parts of New York to see buildings everywhere. However, most people don’t spend much time thinking about the safety of buildings that they enter and exit. Unfortunately, one company’s negligence could cause lots of injuries to you and other people. Here are three of the most common causes of premises liability.

No premises security

There’s a reason why you’ll often see security guards posted in hospitals, banks and other facilities. Security guards can help keep a building’s visitors and employees safe. If a business choose to not employ guards, it could be guilty of having negligent security.

Poor lighting

Every business needs adequate lighting to keep its occupants safe. Unfortunately, some companies neglect to keep their buildings well-lit. If you’re inside these structures, you risk getting into a slip-and-fall accident, and the building owner not keeping the space lit could be the basis of your premises liability claim. It’s best to avoid poorly lit areas if at all possible.

Attacked on another party’s property

Some cases of premises liability involve more time and effort to resolve than others. If you’re the victim of a crime inside another party’s building by someone who doesn’t know you or the property’s owner, it would seem that the building’s owner wouldn’t be responsible. However, they could be responsible if they didn’t provide adequate security that would have prevented the crime from happening.

Understandably, most people don’t expect another party’s negligence to affect their lives. Fortunately, creating a premises liability claim against a building’s owner might help you obtain damages that can cover your medical bills, treatment expenses and other relevant costs.