Motorcycle accidents see an increase

On Behalf of | Nov 3, 2022 | Car Accidents |

Riding a motorcycle comes with certain dangers, especially in congested areas in New York City. Motorcyclists face increased injury risks since a crash could send them flying off the bike and onto the asphalt. Protective gear has limits, so motorcycle enthusiasts should operate their bikes defensively and avoid risky or reckless actions. A report that points to an increase in motorcyclists’ deaths might further prompt some to be more careful.

Motorcycle deaths on the rise

A report released by Value Penguin reveals that motorcycle deaths increased by 11% between 2019 and 2020. The increase reflects national fatalities, suggesting motorcyclists everywhere face dangers. Sometimes, the hazards could be self-inflicted.

Namely, speeding stands as a top factor in fatal motorcycle accidents. Motorcyclists might take advantage of their bikes’ speed and power to their detriment. Operating a motorcycle too fast decreases the ability to perceive or avoid hazards, upping the chances of accidents.

Some accident victims received previous speeding tickets and did not curb their behavior. Others might not even possess the proper license or training to operate a motorcycle.

Motorcycle crashes and liabilities

Many vehicle and motorcycle accidents in New York lead to civil litigation. People hurt by a reckless, speeding driver might seek compensation for their injuries. The costs associated with a serious collision might leave someone financially devasted, so they take legal action.

Other reckless actions could support a liability claim. For example, distracted driving or violating various traffic laws may establish negligence.

Be mindful that negligence takes many forms, and more than one party could be responsible for a collision. Even a third party, such as a mechanic or the manufacturer, may share the blame.

A lawsuit might not be necessary to recover compensation from liable parties. For many, an insurance settlement could the easiest way to receive their funds.