Summer brings risks for motorcyclists

On Behalf of | Jul 27, 2022 | Vehicle Accidents |

Anyone who operates a motor vehicle faces accident risks. Those riding a motorcycle not only deal with possible collisions, but the injuries they may suffer could also be far worse than a car crash victim. Motorcycles don’t offer much protection, and a motorcyclist hit by a car on a New York City street might fight for their life. So, defensive driving and vigilance are necessary, especially during the summer.

Motorcycle accident dangers

A motorcycle accident victim could suffer injuries that continue to cause serious complications months after the crash. Anyone suffering a traumatic brain injury or spinal damage after being knocked off a motorcycle may find their lives changed. A series of medical procedures might not be enough to restore lost motor skills or cognitive function.

Motorcyclists could suffer injuries in accidents at any time of the year. Winter and spring have unique weather-related issues that might increase risks. However, the summer could come with additional dangers.

Summer may bring more people out onto the roads, and more vehicles, motorcycles, pedestrians, and bicyclists might add confusion and congestion. When commuters commit moving violations, the dangers may increase.

Accidents on the road

The causes of motorcycle accidents vary, and distracted driving remains one of the more common reasons. Both a motorcyclist and a car’s driver could become distracted, leading to a crash. Paying better attention to safety may cut down on such collisions.

Speeding and intoxicated driving continue to cause havoc on the road. Keeping drivers from making these regrettable actions might prove impossible, meaning they’ll continue to cause accidents. Civil litigation would likely follow collisions caused by someone’s negligence. A civil lawsuit could help victims recover funds that might pay for the losses they experience after a crash.