The dangers of truck driver fatigue

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2023 | Vehicle Accidents |

Most people have noticed a truck weaving or driving poorly on the highway at some point. Drowsy or distracted drivers are often behind the wheel when this happens. It is important for motorists to be aware of fatigued truck drivers and to understand the dangers of sharing the road with them in New York.

Causes of truck driver fatigue

Fatigue is a common cause of truck crashes. It may happen when a driver is overworked or has not slept well. Although drivers are required by law to take breaks and rest, some have difficulty getting a good night’s sleep. Some drivers may be fatigued because of substance use. Others may be tired because of a medical condition or a medication used to treat it.

Dangers of truck driver fatigue

Regardless of why a truck driver is fatigued, driving while tired can lead to motor vehicle accidents. When truck drivers collide with smaller trucks, SUVs or cars, the drivers in the smaller vehicles tend to suffer more severe injuries. Also, the vehicles in those accidents tend to have significant damage. Fatigued drivers are less likely to have good reflexes. Slowed physical and mental reactions are both dangerous. In addition to facing a greater risk of colliding with another vehicle, a fatigued driver is more likely to go off the road. This can be especially dangerous on roads along hills or mountains.

Anyone who notices a drowsy truck driver should exercise caution. If the individual is making dangerous moves or swerving, call 911. Although it may be hard to know if a driver is drunk or falling asleep, reporting dangerous driving to authorities can help save lives.