Medical gaslighting could be malpractice

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Physicians can make mistakes, which may lead to consequences for their patients. Sometimes, a Bronx patient may complain of a particular ailment, but the New York doctor does not take them seriously. An improper, dismissive diagnosis might result. Known as medical gaslighting, errors such as these on a doctor’s part could leave patients filing a medical malpractice claim.

Medical gaslighting

Gaslighting refers to confusing someone’s perceptions or beliefs by using psychological tactics. Abuse and mockery are two ways to gaslight someone. With medical gaslighting, the doctor may not be deliberately psychologically abusive, but the physician might dismiss concerns by blaming the patient’s state of mind.

For example, someone experiencing chest pains might worry about a heart attack, and another patient may suffer from breathing problems. A doctor could dismiss both by claiming they suffer from anxiety. A second opinion from a different physician could reveal both patients suffering from cardiac problems and lung cancer, respectively.

Improper treatment

Doctors have a duty to provide their patients with proper care. Deflecting concerns from an actual ailment towards a nonexistent issue with the patient might delay necessary care. For example, blaming a patient’s mental health or personal habits for symptoms may result in not diagnosing a life-threatening medical condition. A medical malpractice lawsuit might seek significant sums of damages if the gaslighting leads to a fatality.

A medical malpractice case could involve filing a claim against an insurance company. Victims might file claims against all parties that contributed to the malpractice. So, if hospital administrators ignored complaints about a doctor’s gaslighting attitude, victims may sue the hospital.