Strokes for some demographics are being misdiagnosed

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Time is of the essence for individuals in New York who may be having a stroke. Unfortunately, many of these individuals are being misdiagnosed, and it is happening mostly to certain demographics.

What is a stroke

A stroke is the term for what happens when blood supply is cut off from the brain. Brain cells can die after just a short time without blood flow. As the cells die, a stroke victim may lose control of certain abilities like speaking, moving, memory and bodily functions.

What are the warning signs of a stroke

Symptoms of a stroke may present quickly or may come on over time, and missing these symptoms can be considered medical malpractice. Symptoms can vary between individuals, but some common ones include:

  • Body numbness on one side
  • Severe headaches with no cause
  • Trouble speaking and understanding speech
  • Loss of consciousness or seizures

Who is being affected by stroke misdiagnosis

Because strokes are more common among men, those over 55 and those who smoke, they are often misdiagnosed in younger people and women. Minorities are also often misdiagnosed for stroke. They are told they simply have an ear infection or migraine and are sent home.

Others who have an increased risk of stroke include those with high blood pressure, diabetics, obese individuals, those with high cholesterol and those who use illegal drugs.

How to avoid being misdiagnosed for stroke

If you generally do not present as someone with an increased risk of stroke, you may face a misdiagnosis. Because having a stroke is an emergency situation and time is limited, it is important to be aware of the early signs of stroke. It might be a good idea to get a second opinion if you feel you were misdiagnosed for stroke.