Airbag injuries from car accidents

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Driving in New York can be hazardous, and nearly everyone has had to deal with an accident at some point or other. With luck, those accidents are minor, with no major damages or injuries. But sadly, that’s not always the case.

One of the more unfortunate types of injuries associated with motor vehicle accidents are airbag injuries. While an airbag’s function is to protect you, occasionally an airbag doesn’t function properly. When this occurs, it can end up increasing the injuries you sustain in an accident.

How can airbags contribute to injuries?

If an airbag is working properly, a sensor determines whether the impact of the collision is severe enough to warrant the airbag deploying. If so, the airbag is supposed to release at the precise moment of impact within milliseconds, then deflate when impacted by the person’s body, cushioning them.

If all those things happen in the correct sequence, an airbag can be a great benefit. But a breakdown at any level in the chain can result in injury to the passenger.

If an airbag inflates either too late or too early, this can cause harm. Another issue is an airbag failing to deflate, which can bounce the person back rather than shielding them. Sometimes, airbag sensors fail and the device simply doesn’t deploy. And occasionally an airbag can leak caustic and damaging chemicals in the aftermath of a crash.

What are your rights?

In any accident in which you’re injured, you have the potential to make a claim against the driver at fault in the accident. If your injuries are caused (or worsened) by an airbag, you may also have the ability to seek recompense from the vehicle maker, the airbag manufacturer or both.

In some cases, an airbag has even been subject to a previous recall by the manufacturer. If you’ve been injured by a recalled airbag, it’s quite likely that you’ll have a strong case for damages.

While airbags often save lives and prevent injuries, there are times when the airbag itself is a problem during a motor vehicle accident. In those instances, it’s possible you are due special compensation if you sustain injury.