Injuries and fatalities on roads not just limited to the US

On Behalf of | Oct 5, 2022 | Vehicle Accidents |

New York drivers might not realize how dangerous their city’s roads sometimes are. Drivers around the world may also not know how dangerous commuting is. Data shows the number of people killed and injured annually is staggering.

Accident statistics show increased accidents

The global statistics for car accidents reveal millions of people suffer injuries annually. Reportedly, 20 to 50 million individuals experience harm in road collisions. Death tolls suggest upwards of 1.3 million people die in accidents, a figure that might not decrease unless some drivers curb their negligent activities.

While weather, road conditions and other factors might cause crashes, reckless driving contributes to many accidents. Speeding factors into an unfortunate number of fatal accidents. The same is the case with distracted and intoxicated driving.

Drivers and passengers who don’t wear seat belts may face injuries that might have otherwise been avoided. Similarly, defensive drivers could embrace behaviors that could keep them safe.

Financial costs associated with collision injuries

A vehicle crash also may lead to financial harm. A study published in 2019 suggested that the global economy may lose $1.8 trillion between 2015 and 2030 due to injuries suffered by collisions. The figure seems to make sense given the millions of people who would suffer collision-related harm during the lengthy period.

Someone forced to recover for weeks or months after a car crash might unable to work. Even when returning to work, the person may be less productive until recovering fully. Such things could affect economic activity, and these results quantify since all the many individual cases add up.

Individuals who suffer financial losses from motor vehicle collisions could seek compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. A settlement or judgment may provide the financial relief necessary to cover bills and other expenses.