Improperly loaded cargo and truck accidents

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Huge trucks are a fixture throughout the Bronx and the rest of the New York City area. While these big rigs travel from one destination to another to make deliveries or pickups, their cargo must be properly secured. If it’s improperly loaded, it could lead to a devastating accident.

Types of improper cargo loading

One of the most common types of improper cargo loading on a commercial truck is when the load is too heavy. Trucks are regulated to carry only up to a certain weight, so if the cargo is overloaded, it could lead to the truck being heavier than what is legally allowed per the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Cargo can also be improperly loaded if it isn’t properly secured. If the load is unbalanced, it can impact the truck’s center of gravity or come loose.

If the ties holding the cargo in place are worn out, that can also pose the risk of an accident. The ties could fray even more and release the cargo.

Types of truck accidents occurring from improperly loaded cargo

Different types of truck accidents can occur when cargo is improperly loaded. When cargo is too heavy, it can lead to any number of accident types: the truck is more likely to jackknife as its trailer swings in a different direction from its trailer. It could also lead to a rollover accident with the truck falling onto its side. The truck driver could also lose control and swerve into another lane, causing a side-swipe or head-on collision.

Improperly loaded cargo could also lead to a different type of accident if the contents of the load become loose. Debris could fly all across the road, causing multiple accidents, injuries and deaths. If the truck is carrying combustible substances, an explosion could even occur.