Can you check if a doctor has had medical malpractice claims?

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When you are choosing a New York doctor, it’s possible to check if they have medical malpractice lawsuits or disciplinary action for unsafe behavior. It can, however, take some digging to thoroughly research the issue. Health care rating websites may not be up to date. They may have missed important information as well.

Check the physician’s data center

When you are researching medical negligence claims, you should check Federation of State Medical Board’s physician data center. It may show disciplinary actions as well as additional information about what licenses, board certifications and education that they have.

Use American Medical Association Doctor Finder

Check the doctor on American Medical Association Doctor Finder as well. This database may indicate when a doctor has had their license suspended. A suspended license usually means that they have faced disciplinary action. American Medical Association Doctor Finder shows information not just from your state but any state that the doctor has provided services in.

Online searches

Next, you should conduct several key online searches with the doctor’s name. This could bring up news articles or other important information. After writing the doctor’s name in quotes, add words like “malpractice,” “lawsuit,” “suspension,” “sanction” and “complaint” after it. You should conduct a unique search for each of these words. Some healthcare providers have the same name, so always confirm that they are the same individual.

Look into the details if you do find that there was a medical malpractice lawsuit. Remember that not every lawsuit filed is legitimate. Sometimes, the doctor was innocent.

Researching doctors is a good idea to find one that you feel is most trustworthy. It will take some time to thoroughly do so, but it will be worth it to have more confidence in your choice.