Oversized vehicles bring added dangers

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2022 | Vehicle Accidents |

Anyone crossing the street, including pedestrians, bicyclists, and those on alternate mobility devices, may benefit from being extra careful. Although a New York traffic light might give pedestrians the go-ahead, an impatient driver could make an ill-advised turn. Pedestrians could pay even closer attention when near pickup trucks or SUVs. Oversized vehicles may present additional dangers and concerns.

Added dangers to pedestrians

A 2022 study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety points out why pickup trucks and SUVs could create more danger to pedestrians. The study noted that A-pillars intended to support the roof could create visual obstructions on the windshield. The study may require additional research to provide concrete conclusions about A-pillars.

The overall design of SUVs and pickup trucks could make visibility difficult. High ride heights, for example, might make seeing pedestrians harder.

Of course, all vehicles may cause accidents when making left or right-hand turns. Pedestrians could suffer injuries when hit by a bicycle, much less a compact car.

Injuries caused by negligence

Drivers operating SUVs and pickup trucks likely realize their vehicles could inflict severe harm on pedestrians. Therefore, these drivers may need to be more careful when driving or turning near people. However, some drivers commit dangerous actions that increase the chances of pedestrian accidents dramatically.

A driver who doesn’t notice a light turned red or deliberately ignores the traffic light change could speed into a left turn at a busy intersection. Expect such a careless driver to face legal claims if the vehicle hits any pedestrians or other cars.

Negligence may take other forms, such as drunk or distracted driving. Whether a reckless driver causes an accident with a car, truck or SUV, the driver might be legally liable for any resulting injuries or property damage.