Understanding medical malpractice during childbirth is essential

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If you’re having a baby in New York City, it can be an exciting time in your life. Unfortunately, this experience may not be as expected if your baby suffers an injury during the birthing process due to medical malpractice. This action can lead to a lifelong struggle emotionally and financially.

Understanding medical malpractice during childbirth

If a medical professional fails to uphold a high standard of medical care during childbirth, it can result in negligence on their part, causing a serious injury. Taking an appropriate level of caution and making sound judgments is essential for your baby’s health. Failing to navigate a challenging birth situation correctly or provide prompt medical treatment can lead to a severe injury.

Forms of medical malpractice

Several forms of medical negligence can occur during the birthing process that leads to an injury. Here are a few examples:

  • Failing to perform an emergency C-section
  • Failing to monitor your baby’s heartbeat
  • Twisting your baby or pulling too hard during delivery
  • Misusing birthing tools, such as forceps or a vacuum, during delivery

After delivery, medical malpractice can also occur if your baby’s oxygen levels aren’t monitored.

Birth injuries that can occur due to medical malpractice

Serious injuries can occur due to negligence by a medical professional. Head injuries are often the most common due to the misuse of birthing tools. Some examples of birthing injuries include the following:

  • Subgaleal hemorrhage – Causes bleeding under the scalp, creating significant blood loss and shock.
  • Epidermal hematoma – Bleeding between the outer layer of tissue covering the brain and skull
  • Facial nerve injury – Causing a lopsided face due to the use of forceps during delivery

Using the appropriate techniques during the birthing process is essential for your baby’s well-being. Monitoring your baby’s vital signs during and after birth is also critical. Failing to perform either of these duties can lead to devastating results.