Big box retailers: Their take on premises liability

On Behalf of | May 12, 2022 | Premises Liability |

Did you know that one well-known big box retailer has as many as an average of 13 lawsuits per day? Residents of New York may want to learn more about who is liable when it comes to a big box retailer and receiving an injury when shopping.

According to law discussions, three of the largest big box retailers have an internal process that happens when there is an injury. You may be able to negotiate a settlement for your accident to help in recovery. What will happen?

Store management and witnesses

Gathering information regarding your accident will be the task of staff and management of the store. The store will also interview any witnesses. If you have a severe accident, the store may request an ambulance. You may also have treatment right there. A focus on your own health should be the first priority.

The usual suspects

Within a store, slip and fall accidents are common. Each case is different, but you should be aware that not very accident of this type is the result of negligence. It may or may not be negligence and premises liability regarding your accident while shopping at the store.

There are other accidents from stores

Delivery drivers may cause an auto accident, while rushing around in their trucks. A famous comedian had one such accident and received a settlement.

Have you ever thought that a product might be the cause of an injury? The product you ordered from a big box retailer might be defective. You do not want that, of course.

Having a slip-and-fall accident on the premises of a big box retailer is certainly more common than an occurrence with a delivery driver. You should always be alert when shopping in a crowded store, but if there is an injury, there are certain steps the store will take.