Tips to protect you after a snowstorm

On Behalf of | Jan 19, 2018 | Car Accidents |

It seems like every time the snow comes through things start off fine. It’s the next day when the snow and ice have had time to settle and re-freeze that all the worse parts of winter come out. Knowing how to handle the aftermath of a snowstorm, whether driving or walking, is an important part of keeping safe.

Here are a few tips to keep you from getting injured after a snowstorm like the bomb-cyclone a few weeks ago:

Drive slowly and turn carefully

The key to safe driving is keeping a steady pace and turning only when needed to get where you are going. Changing lanes lined with patches of snow and ice is when you are likely to go into a spin and get hurt. Stay in your lane, take all your turns slowly and most of all don’t get frustrated.

Recognizing black ice

Black ice is the not-so-secret danger of the post-storm melt because it is very difficult to see. It’s less about knowing how to spot a piece of black ice than knowing where and when the black ice will likely cause you problems. If you see that you have to make a turn, and it’s the cold, post-melt conditions most likely to produce black ice, such as a freezing cold morning after a light rain, take it slow as possible. There is no sense in rushing when you don’t have to.

Keep an eye on poorly shoveled walks

In the city, most of us walk to where we need to go. There are HYPERLINK “” specific laws about when the sidewalks should be cleared and how wide. If you are walking on a sidewalk after those times have expired, and you slip and fall, the property owner of that sidewalk is at fault.

Winter problems shouldn’t last for you

Winter storm problems and their aftermath should remain in winter. The worst thing that can happen is getting hurt and letting the winter follow you into the spring and summer when you want to focus on other things. Take the time to protect yourself until the thaw.